Blog Post: Chapter 6

Referencing the text, name 2 positive outcomes and 2 negative outcomes that come from visual electronic media use in childhood. Also referencing the text/research, if you were working with a parent who needed guidance on screen use for children, what information might you share?


The authors report one positive outcome of electronic media is that some screen time, such as playing video games, can help develop our improve important motor skills. Another positive is the overall increase in cognitive functioning. Some negatives are possible short attention span and delays in some areas like speech and language learning. Working with a parent who needed education about screen time, it would be important to teach them the effects it has on their children and how they can cover those effects. Those include: limiting screen time, having quality screen time and using the information to scaffold the child’s learning. It would also be helpful to provide the parents with names of organizations to help educate them further.

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