Reflecting on our mid-term class self-assessment and mutual problem solving exercise, name at least one thing that YOU will do for the rest of the semester in this course to contribute to your personal learning experience and at least one thing that you will contribute to the collaborative learning experience.


One thing I will do for the rest of the semester to contribute to my personal learning is to slit up my readings of the chapter from the end of class on Thursday to the next Thursday class. Instead of trying to get the reading done between Tuesday and Thursday classes. I was afraid of forgetting the material if I started reading it too early. However, the blog post, presentations and reviews serve to help me retain the information I had read.

One thing I will do to contribute to the collaborative learning experience is to continue the quizlet and flashcards I developed the first half of the semester. It was a great help with memorization and recall as the chapters have so much information it is very difficult to process it all. As I did prior to the midterm exam I will share the quizlet web address with my cohort to help with study for the final. This is a website that uses the flashcards I have made to create tests and matching games that I find very helpful and I want to share my successes.

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