Blog Post 12

Regarding the Mindfulness Practice homework assignment, please reflect on that process and share its impact: positive, negative, or neutral. How could you use this in your own life or how could it ben... Read More

Blog Post 11

Please respond to the following: Share 2 changes/additions you made to your website (note if they were peer suggested or your own ideas) and explain your reasoning behind it. If you did not make any c... Read More

Blog Post: Chapter 11

Give one example of your own thinking at one or more points in your life that reflect the following:   Dualism: In middle school when much of the world was still foreign to me. Anything I learned... Read More

Blog Post: Chapter 8

Reflecting on specific gender messages in your culture, clearly name 2 messages that are restrictive and 2 that inspire inclusivity. Cite at least one supporting example from the text as evidence for... Read More

Blog Post: Chapter 6

Referencing the text, name 2 positive outcomes and 2 negative outcomes that come from visual electronic media use in childhood. Also referencing the text/research, if you were working with a parent wh... Read More

Blog Post: Chapter 5

Examining the 4 parenting styles as highlighted in the chapter, name one character from today’s pop culture/society that depicts a specific parenting style and describe/cite 4 identifying characteri... Read More

Blog Post: Chapter 4

Reflecting on the New York Longitudinal Study (1977) of behavioral traits of infants, how might the effectiveness of caregiving behaviors be different for children with each temperament (name and addr... Read More